Combining Leadership and Laughter for Transformational Results!


Leadership and Laughter

Over the past ten years performing comedy in corporate, church and club venues, I have attained powerful and hilarious insights I want to share with you. This wisdom will empower you to recognize leadership lessons in unsuspected places, equip you with strategies to combat stress and anxiety and provide tactics to improve workplace productivity. Let’s discover how the combination of “Leadership and Laughter” can catapult your organization to the next level!

Addressing the Big Black Elephant in the Room.
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

I’ve walked into rooms with hundreds of total strangers and within 15 minutes, I am their long-lost friend (my wife wanted me to use “BFF” here). How is this possible? Comedians have the uncanny ability to say what everyone is thinking and even discuss controversial topics with ease. Over the past decade, my stand-up audiences have remained receptive and open-minded to my refreshingly funny yet thought-provoking brand of comedy. In this workshop, I will share the tips and techniques I have learned and empower you to have more comfortable critical conversations.

Make Yourself at Home....Not Really
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Most diversity presentations leave the majority group feeling enlightened or guilty, while the minority group is left feeling empty or vindicated.
Why do some members of your team immediately feel right at home and seen, while others feel like guests in someone else’s home and invisible? Would all the members of your team feel comfortable joining you in a foxhole? Research shows that engagement is a key factor that promotes high performance in organizations.

Pivoting to Advocacy
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

You are enlightened, but now what? We all have some type of privilege, but are we using it to advocate for others without that privilege? Get skills and techniques to cultivate inclusivity.